Iwona Montel

Born in Poland, she graduated from the Open College of Arts, UK in Social Documentary Photography and University of Wrocław, Poland in Cultural Studies. She spent her early career as photographer on travel and creating drawing cultural reportages. While living 4 years on Malaysian part of Borneo worked pro bono supporting local communities- as teacher, guide and painter. Since 2012 she has been working with photographers collectives in the Netherlands and began to search for stories during collaborations abroad. In December 2014 Iwona travelled to Cuba- country mystical, often decaying and intensely moving to bring the material for two stories- of Cuban children and daily challenges of Havana's community. She frequently spends her time researching locations that become alluring background to her vivid photographs.

In 2017 Iwona joined the team of photographers preparing the first Urban Photo Race- Rotterdam edition and continues to support spreading its' values this year. UPR is a one full-day photo competition happening on the streets of Dutch cities according to the earlier created plan.

As a freelance photographer and founder of AIM-FRAME PHOTOGRAPHY she enjoys dividing her work between portrait and documental work, where she believes that the essence of her work lays in focus on connection with the SUBJECT. The results turn into discoveries, not only creations.

portrait © Tiago Teles

T: +31 (0) 627 90 3883

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