Fall in love with…

Less than five minutes- that is the time we needed to set up our first appointment exactly a year ago, third week of March 2016. Mutually picked up meeting spot has been one of our favourites in Rotterdam. It happened we had much in common. From all things, likely the most important was the shared way of seeing the world and people. 

Ania was 36 weeks pregnant, awaiting her baby girl in the country far away from home. Being a seasoned traveller must have made her fear less. She only had questions. Quite obvious- while being a journalist. However, she also new what she needs. For me it made her a dream customer to work with. So we plunged right into it! Two weeks later I had shots of her partner finishing Rotteram Marathon, another two after I could witness them already as a family of three. 

Becoming a first time mother did not make her slow down on writing her running and lifestyle blog. Spring of 2016 has been the time when the world of “Panna Anna” (her blog’s nick name) started turning even faster. Then it happened she needed to consider the offer from the publisher, tempting her to put down in words how she was falling in love with active lifestyle, with running in particular. The personal approach of the publisher’s crew and familiarity with her blog made her accept the offer and open another chapter of Ania’s writing experience.

What we can witness today, on March 28th 2017 when there is an official book premiere in Poland and online, is the story of a balanced life of a girl who decided to show us where and how to draw joy from running. From the moment we decide to put any sport shoes we own and go out for this first loop around the neighbourhood, to the competitions. She is strong and convincing. You can trust me, I was running next to and behind her already some kilometres :-)

The photographs I am presenting below are those that has been chosen to cover the book. There are some more- I dare to say- showing Ania’s personality. Her hair messed up by sea water, no make-up artist at the set, crowded beach of Mallorca and finally only 12-minutes long photo-shoot between baby feedings- those were enough to present her spirit. We are proud of the result. Please, take a look!

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